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1 04/10/2018 KHR/2018/234/TLM/102018/459466/2(1) Appointment Order of Principal /Assistant Director Class-1 Principal_Class-1_Order_NEW_04102018.pdf (100 KB)
2 06/06/2018 KHR-2018-128/TLM/122018/61960/R-2 Appointment of Deputy Apprenticeship Advisers & Assistant Apprenticeship Advisers img07466.pdf (204 KB)
3 06/04/2018 તલમ​/૧૨/૨૦૧૮/૬૧૯૬૦/આર-૨ Hon. CM Apprenticeship Training Incentive scheme GR ApprenticeIncentive.pdf (315 KB)
4 21/02/2018 Principal Class-II order Principal-Class-II-Order.pdf (131 KB)
5 07/03/2017 EPF/182016/368596/M(3) Providing Benefits of EPF,Pension and EDLI scheme to the Employees working in Govt. Offices,Corporations and Bodies, on Contractual or Outsourcing basis. img09380.pdf (226 KB)
6 28/12/2016 KHR/2016/220-IDA-1116-72320-M(4) Declaration of Labourers of industries under Clorine Produced as Byproduct in Huge Quantity as public utility Service img07235.pdf (201 KB)
7 21/03/2016 GS/47/2016/Miss/112013/670/Cord The Services declared under Section-4 of the ACT and there respective Time Limits,Gujarat( Right of Citizens to Public Services) Act, 2013 Services_Time_Limit.pdf (97 KB)
8 19/09/2016 KHR/2016/175 /LVD/10/2011/GOI.04/M(2) Revised Minimum Wage Revised_minimum_wage.pdf (572 KB)
9 27/07/2016 CLE-102016-398150-M.1 Charge Allowance Proposal Format Appendix-K charge.pdf (100 KB)
10 26/07/2016 KHR/2016/139/IDA/1113/383479/M(4) Declaration of Employment Services of Workers as Public Utility Service GSFC sikka unit KHR-2016.pdf (191 KB)
11 29/06/2016 KHR/2016/110/TLM/102015/210732/R-1 Transfer Order Class-II TRANS_ORDER_29-6.pdf (120 KB)
12 31/05/2016 MIS/132015/200415(1)/M(3) Third Party (Competent Person) Inspection Scheme Third-Party-Inspection-Agency.pdf (224 KB)
13 19/02/2007 KHR/2007/14/IBA/2005/CM.13/M(3) Third Party Inspection Under The Boiler Act, 1923 Third-Party-Inspection-Agency.pdf (109 KB)
14 17/03/2016 GHR/2016/42/FAC/142015/880192/M-3 Provision for issuing Factory License and all subsequent renewals with validity od 10 years OR more. 10Years.pdf (65 KB)
15 15/03/2016 KHR-2016-37-FAC-142014-277972-M(3) Operations involving High Noise and Vibration Levels. NoiseVibration.pdf (806 KB)

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